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Takata North American Industries. Inflation Systems is a Japanese-owned industry that manufactures seatbelt and restraint systems for the automotive industry. The restraint systems division manufactures automotive airbag assemblies that are shipped to various automotive manufacturers including Toyota and BMW.

Challenge : In 1992, Inflation Systems needed to dramatically expand their production capacities as automotive airbags were becoming standard and required equipment on most passenger vehicles. Inflation Systems needed a facility that could be brought on line quickly which proved difficult in most environments because the chemical used to expand the airbag is one of the most volatile íV sodium azide. Permitting of a facility in most jurisdictions was challenging. A foreign trade zone was also critical as product was processed and shipped worldwide.

Solution : Inflation Systems facility was permitted in Moses Lake/Grant County in 45 days! The location in a foreign trade zone allowed Inflation Systems to avoid double taxation on their goods and allow better cash flow management with the duties they had to pay for their products. The company continues to enjoy great success at the Moses Lake facility and employs approximately 700 people. Inflation systems had just recently completely their $150 million investment into Moses Lake.






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