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US KDK is a Chemicon Material Subsidiary. The subsidiary is a Japanese-owned facility that produces  high capacity electrolytic capacitors primarily for the burgeoning electric car market.
Challenge : Establish a new facility to meet the production demands of the market. The facility required immediate expansion, a foreign trade zone as raw material was imported from Japan with finished product returned to Japan, and low electric power rates.

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Solution : US KDK established a facility at Moses Lake in 1995. They have recently completed an $80 million expansion. The facility is a massive electric power user and takes advantage of the lowest electric power rates in the nation, and it utilizes the Foreign Trade Zone #203 for import/export. Of considerable importance to the Japanese-owned facility is the fact that several large Japanese-owned firms are located in Moses Lake including Atama Chemical, Inflation Systems, Komatsu Material (ASIMI) and Japan Airlines. This concentration of Japanese industry provides a valuable cultural familiarity for other Japanese companies and employees. US KDK utilizes the massive fiber optic infrastructure in Moses Lake to maintain real-time communication with their parent company in Japan to preserve their global competitiveness.. ASPI assisted US KDK on their recent expansion with the procurement of a US EDA grant for industrial wastewater treatment facilities (See letter attached).




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